Listening and Asking Questions Every project starts with a vision. We listen carefully to your requirements, hopes and expectations.  We encourage discussion about project management, deadlines, progress markers and client interaction.  This helps us to envision how your dream used on opening day and far into the future.

Project Review and Brainstorming Our process involves reviewing your project throughout. We define realistic day-to-day work goals.  We make every attempt to watch for and identify potential problems, and to clarify project objectives and details. Brainstorming with our on-site management results in choices leading to streamlined workflow. We  define opportunities and consider insightful solutions to potential project challenges.
Project Management and Reporting Our planning and reporting system keeps all project participants informed, involved and on-task. Cost and completion reviews occur at specified project points to ensure your budget is respected and our completion schedule is met. Your feedback helps to make us better. Your opinions about our work process helps us improve where needed and strengthens what works for our clients.
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